September 17, 2006

Brothers In Arms

Colonel Jeff Cooper isn't doing well. Michael Bane & Say Uncle have both quoted different sources saying the good Colonel suffered a heart attack & has signed a Do Not Resuscitate order.

If you're the praying sort that's about all that can be done. Here are some of the good Colonel's words from better days:

"The rifle is a weapon. Let there be no mistake about that. It is a tool of power, and thus dependent completely upon the moral stature of its user. It is equally useful in securing meat for the table, destroying group enemies on the battlefield, and resisting tyranny. In fact, it is the only means of resisting tyranny, since a citizenry armed with rifles simply cannot be tyrannized.

The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles." —Jeff Cooper, The Art of the Rifle

The post title is a Dire Straits tune (written by Mark Knopfler) in case you were wondering.

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Thanks for spreading the word about Col. Cooper. He has been an inspriration for many. His writing, knowledge, sense of humor and experiences are at least left to the rest of us, and we should all be thankful for knowing him in whatever capacity that we did.

Posted by: -B at September 17, 2006 05:07 PM