September 06, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

In Illinois of all places a former governor gets convicted of "...racketeering conspiracy, fraud and other offenses for taking payoffs from political insiders...". (I'm also shocked to find that there's gambling in this establishment.)

So that's one down, how many thousands to go?

It reminds me of an old joke:

There was a town that had a problem with pigeons. The feathered kind that is. This enterprising young gentlemen says he'll get rid of the pigeons & he'll do it for free as long as there are no questions asked. If there were any questions it'd cost $5,000,000 an answer. So the town agreed. The young gent pulled out a cage with a red pigeon inside of it. He whispered something to the pigeon & it flew off around the town. All the other pigeons joined the red pigeon & when all the pigeons were in the air the red pigeon led them off over the horizon. The next day the red pigeon comes back by himself. The townfolk notice that there are no pigeons in the town at all except for the red one. The young gent smiles as he looks around at the townsfolk. They all huddle for a moment & tell him they have a question & lay a trunk with $5,000,000 at his feet. He asks what the question is & they reply "Do you have any red politicians?"

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