February 05, 2006

CMP Humor

The way it works is that when a Garand is retired from the service it was issued in (Navy, Air Force, etc...) it goes to an Army Depot & from there to the CMP.

Well an old Marine in this thread from the CMP forum explains how to identify which service branch a Garand was used in:

"Air force - collector grade,hardy used.bore new
Navy -correct grade - dings in stock,stumbled durring a wave,mint bore
Army - service grade - rough stock,abused and dropped,bore like new
Marine Corps - rack grade,well used but in outstanding shape,TE 6+ but well mantained weapon!"

I thought it was amusing until Orest Michaels (the CEO of the CMP) chimed in with this:

"...For what it's worth, the Marines didn't return many unused rifles to the Army. they returned the ones that were shot out and would not pass our inspection - even for a rack grade. That's what we found with most of the ones that were tagged USMC."

He then went on to say that the formerly USMC Garands were stripped & sold as parts & stripped receivers.


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That's what happens when you shoot a shitload.

Posted by: Matt at February 13, 2006 08:26 AM

Air Force- Collector-Grade,Well-Maintained, Low TE(Remember; AF personnel are the most intelligent of all service-branches so maint.level is high, TE is low because we know how to change a barrel).

Navy- Distinguished by Gray overall color(They paint everything that doesn't move gray, and some things that do). Massive salt-water induced corrosion. Boarding pipes and condoms commonly found in Butt.

Army- Rack-Grade, High TE, bent-barrels abound( From prying wire holding C-Rat crates loose)Wood usually shows burn-marks( From falling asleep at Guardpost while smoking).

Marines- General condition- unsalvagable, barrels usually new with many slashlines appearant(From being used as a spear or sword) Bayonet lugs usually wornout(See above).Park always 100% wornout at receiver(Only part cleaned for inspection), Sights frozen in place from factory settings( Real Marines don't need sights to throw a spear)

Posted by: Retmsgt. at February 20, 2006 06:18 AM
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