February 04, 2006

But It's The Thought That Counts

Matt is joining the growing list of folks that urge people to buy something Danish as a counter-protest to the protests of a percentage of Muslims who aren't happy with cartoons in a danish paper.

Well I've been recommending buying Dane for a while now. Unfortunately the options are a bit more limited than they used to be. So might I suggest one of these? But hopefully they'll get back on top of demand & have more of these sometime soon. Course to be honest with you, since I already made such a purchase a while back when I discuss my present options it all sounds Greek to me. But don't let that stop you from making a symbolic* purchase in honor of the Danes. After all the Danes & the Greeks were the only ones who seemed to understand the difference between a loan & a gift.**

But if cash is low there's an option to show support for high quality Danish imports***.

A less cryptic explanation is contained in the extended entry:

**The Danish & Greek governments returned M1 Garand rifles that the u.S. loaned to them after WW2. England on the other hand took every rifle we sent during WW2 when they were in desperate need (many of them were loans from individual citizens, not the u.s. government) & dumped them in the English Channel after the war was over. Ingrateful bastards.

*However since the Danish government simply returned borrowed property they recieve no financial gain from the CMP's sale of such rifles. Ditto the Greeks. Buying a Danish Garand won't profit anyone in Denmark. Though it might tick off someone who is protesting the Danish government if ya tell them how good your Danish Garand shoots.

& my Garand was a Danish return. Sure, there are many others like it but...ah, you know the rest. I'm just glad the Danes & Greeks were gracious enough to return the Garands we loaned them, otherwise - well there'd still be Garands on the market, but a smaller supply & hence a higher price.

The post was meant toungue in cheek but considering that Greece & Denmark did what our alleged staunchest ally couldn't seem to scrape up enough common freakin' decency to do then I'd say that any excuse to show them some love in return is a good one.

***Oh, & the lovely, talented & accurate miss Annika was born in Denmark. She writes well, she's smart, she's funny & she's nice (not to mention cute as hell) so she'd be yet another reason to appreciate danish imports aside from this cartoon nonsense. (& at the university they told me I'd never be a good suck-up.)

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