August 04, 2005

Your Cash; Your Cause

The NRA has done two things right. Yes; I said it. (It's really me; Publicola & I really like Garands - that should prove it's me). Moreover one of those things they got right other pro-gun groups have gotten wrong.

But first let me briefly praise them for the second thing they got right. They're boycotting (or calling for a boycott) ConocoPhillips because it fired employees for having firearms in their cars. Now I'm not partial to the legal action they've taken in this regard. Jed & David explain this better than I can. But urging folks to not throw their cash to companies that disrespect you ability to arms is a very good idea.

Just for the helluvit I think some legislation could be effective in discouraging employers from making their employees defenseless. Namely make it very clear that if an employer or a business prohibits folks from carrying any means of defense while on that company's property then they are severely liable for any harm that befalls said disarmed folks. Clear a path through torts but don't directly tell them what they may or may not allow. It ideally would accomplish the same end while not using force to make someone do something against their wishes.

The first thing the NRA got right was something that at least one other respected Right to Arms group got wrong. The NRA decided to not hold a meeting in Columbus Ohio after it passed an "assault weapons" ban.

Now here's what the pro-gun group got wrong. This is from an e-mail from

"I would like to personally invite you to our 20th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC), which will be taking place September 23, 24 and 25, 2005 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott in Los Angeles, California."

Having a gun rights conference in L.A. is like having a bar mitzvah in Berlin circa 1943. The Second Amendment Foundation & are the ones putting this on. Go here for more info.

Now I won't say there isn't any legitimate reason for holding a Right to Arms conference in occupied territory, but seeing as how passing out AK's & organizing resistance cells wasn't on the itinerary I can't see how this is justified. Even the NRA, whom I rail about constantly as being more anti-gun than pro-gun, seems to get this.

It's very simple; any city, county or state that disrespects your Right to Arms doesn't deserve your presence or your cash. In most cases we won't bankrupt anyone, but it can make it known that a chunk of potential revenue was lost because of a desire to treat you as sheep.

What would be perhaps the most effective measure would be The Barret Option. If cities, counties, states & the feds found no manufacturers wanted to sell them arms or fodder for same then they might rethink the way they live. Unfortunately manufacturers like Barret are rare. The Gun Control Act of 68 passed with the full support of the firearms industry. Even almost 40 years later I don't see the bigger makers throwing away law enforcement or military sales to stand up for principle.

I know it's sometime inconvenient to not go to places like Cali or D.C. but think about the inconveniences suffered to create this country. Think about how inconvenient it would be if every city or the entire nation adopted some of the harsher gun control laws that places like Cali & Illinois have. No one said being free was easy, or convenient. Ditto for protesting a loss of freedom. & even though that loss of freedom may not directly affect you if you don't do what you can to stop its growth then one day it very well may.

Another thing that struck me as odd, though a little bit more understandable, was the Garand Collector's Association decided to have its annual convention in Massachusetts. Now one of the highlights is a tour of Springfield Armory, but since its a national park in the middle of a pro murderer/rapist/gun control state you can't bring your Garand with you without much hoop jumping & then its stil verboten at SA. Shame isn't it? You can't take your Garand that was made there back through its gates. But the GCA is primarily concerned with collecting, not making sure your collection isn't banned so I can see how they'd not think of the consequences of their decisions.

So I applaud the NRA for doing two things right in a matter of months. & I have to wonder what the other pro-gun groups are thinking.

Needless to say I'm going to skip this years Gun Rights Policy Conference & the Garand Collectors Association Convention.

Posted by Publicola at August 4, 2005 04:17 AM | TrackBack

well reasoned post. Several days ago, I might have disagreed...

but I'm moving toward your position,

I'm a Springfield O3A3 lover!


Posted by: Kermit at August 7, 2005 05:17 AM

I have a Springfield o3, made in Rock Island, and a Krag-Jorgenson made in Springfield. What wonderful work. Hundreds of compound curves, all made with precision, polish, and economy.

OK, they are both sportersterized, but the metal is original. I bought the Krag because the feed pattern is something I intend to copy for my "invention". bullpup with dual magazine and downward ejection pattern. They have very impressive machining.

I live in California. If you need to have a convention, consider having it in the high desert, where we tend to be well armed, and support RKBA.

Posted by: Don Meaker at August 7, 2005 03:04 PM

Keep and Bear Arms is a sham organization that actually supports an anti-gun agenda under the guise of a pro-gun group. Please alert all your readers to this!

Posted by: Gullyborg at August 13, 2005 10:57 PM


I have misspoken! I was thinking of Hunters and Shooters. Please delete my above comment, and then read this:

Posted by: Gullyborg at August 13, 2005 11:05 PM
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