May 02, 2005

Woman Dies Of Hoplophobia

"A Mexican television actress died on Friday of a heart attack after a man armed with a pistol approached her vehicle on a Mexico City street, officials said."

It's tragic & my sympathies go out to her family. It's even more tragic because it's not clear that this was an attempted car jacking, robbery or other form of assault.

"Gurrea said the suspect — who was being held on suspicion of illegal weapons possession — did not apparently directly threaten or make any contact with Levy. He said the mere shock of seeing him approach the vehicle apparently triggered the attack."

Just gazing upon it caused her to go into cardiac arrest? I could understand it a little better if she was directly threatened or assaulted. But just looking at a firearm in someone's possession caused a heart attack? If the story has things correct then that's a very sad situation.

Posted by Publicola at May 2, 2005 04:02 PM

Do you have any idea of lthe number of kidnapings that take place in Mexico City? There is almost no anti-gun sentiment in either Mexican--or Latin American--culture. Historically they live with just the opposite of the Nanny State, and are almost always personally responsible for their own safety, and are felt to be personally responsible for "doing the right thing" for their community. The homicide rate is very nearly 10 times higher than ours (homicide is not necessarily murder) and nobody thinks of it as anything other than normal. This lady died of fright, but it wasn't the gun she was scared of, it was the man holding it...and isn't this what we are always trying to tell the hoplophobes?

Posted by: Bond at May 3, 2005 03:25 PM
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