December 06, 2013

Government Child Abuse

I've written before about social services and the danger they currently represent to adults and children alike. Sadly I'm writing about it again. A family is suing the case workers involved, as well as the local sheriff's department and the local police department. That link explains some of it. This link has a more detailed account.

To sum up, the parents found out their 15 year old daughter was having sex as well as sending elicit texts and photos. They spanked her. Enter the .gov - a case worker was sent out and interviewed the 15 year old. The caseworker tried to get the 15 year old to drop her pants so she could take a picture of her bare ass to document any bruising. The 15 year old refused saying it was "gross and embarrassing". The mother refused to compel her daughter to strip. Feeling affronted at the disrespect to her authority, the caseworker called the cops. When the cops couldn't coerce said 15 year old into stripping, they gave up and proclaimed the mother and daughter free to go. So they went - to Kansas in fact. Meanwhile the case worker went and kidnapped the family's three younger children from school. They escaped when they saw their father drive up as they were crossing a street. The father drove the youngins to NC to stay with their grandparents. The mother and daughter returned to Colorado and got the full felony stop treatment, complete with being muzzled by the Colorado State Patrol. Meanwhile the local DHS contacted NC and had the younger children forcibly removed from their grandparents' house and deposited in a teen shelter. When the family was finally reunited in Colorado, the parents were arrested for misdemeanor child abuse. The father pleaded guilty to avoid felony kidnapping charges (I assume as part of a plea deal) and spent 2 months locked up. And now they're suing.

From that last linked account, here's something to chew on:

"Girl Doe 2 said that she had rights, and Ms. McAfee told her, 'You have no rights.' " (emphasis added)

A 15 year old was spanked for having sex contrary to her parents wishes. Enter the .gov to make everything all better, and you get attempted child porn, kidnapping and assault as well as a general deprivation of Rights. I'm disappointed that the CSP wasn't included in the suit, as pointing a weapon at my family when they posed no direct, imminent threat would've been a casus belli, so at the least it'd be considered an assault.

Spanking. For years people have jumped the gun and lamented that it was illegal to even spank your kids in this place or that. While not de jure one could make the case that it's de facto illegal if a switching gets the cops called to investigate.

The case worker proclaiming that the child "had no rights" should be worrisome, as I doubt this attitude is isolated.

To quote from an earlier post of mine:

"I am repeating myself. I am more frightened of you guys on this thread than I am of criminals. They aren't self righteous like you guys. Self defense, my ass. And my reading comprehension is just fine, thank you. That's why you all scare me.
I should have known better than to call you nutcases. It may piss one of you off and you are all armed and dangerous.
I have had guns pulled on me more than once. I was a child protective services worker for years. Ever try to take away kids from somebody? I don't want any guns around at all at a time like that. The ones the parents have are quite enough. Peace!"
(emphasis mine)

That was from a comment to this post.

When the state can take away your children, with little or no justification, and with little fear of effective resistance, I'd say we've entered a very dangerous situation.

Hopefully the court will find in favor of the family, and heap economic woe onto all the .gov employees involved. It's a pity it's only a civil action, as I'd at least want the jury to be able to ponder giving some of these public servants the chair.

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