October 04, 2013

I'm Too Texty For This Hearing

Public Servant Hudak. You remember her right? She's the one who, among other things, texted while a rape victim testified then condescendingly told her she'd just have had her gun taken away from her if she'd been armed? Then offered a pseudo-apology of questionable sincerity? Then arrogantly told someone to "flip a coin" when she wanted to rush a vote on a very large bill (that included a $1 billion tax increase)?

Well she's been busted again.

"State Senator Admits ‘Extraneous’ Activities During Hearings"

In a legislative hearing concerning the corrections department of Colorado, Hudak was texting, tweeting as well as generally surfing the web and posting to facebook.

Funny thing, Hudak voted, in 2009, to make it illegal to text and drive. (Here's a.pdf of the senate finance committee vote, and I presume she voted yes on the floor vote in the senate). She also voted for Colorado's internet sales tax (Project Votesmart's page about her vote on that bill, & here's Project Votesmart's summation of said bill).

Of course, texting and driving can be dangerous, while no one has ever, like, you know, died from enforcement of a law, or as a result of bad policies instituted by inattentive committees who just want to get the vote over and done with so they can drool over an actor's picture more privately. And the web surfing was obviously Public Servant Hudak's way of helping out the executive branch enforce that internet tax by making sure websites had it listed with their pricing. Besides, Public Servant Hudak is smarter, better and much more socially elevated than us peasants, so who are we to question what she does at a hearing, where obviously she knows her job so well that paying attention is optional. /sarcasm

Then again, when you already are told how you're going to vote by your boss in NYC, perhaps paying attention in a hearing wasn't really necessary? Or maybe it's that she's just got this petty tyrant wannabe thing so down that lording over us like she's Pharoah's overseer doesn't require that much concentration?

Hudak wasn't recalled. That's bad for us, but I can't see it as being anything but a gift to the Colorado Republican party. She's term limited and can't run again anyway, but you'll hardly find a better example of the arrogant and patronizing perspective that the Colorado Democrat party has brought to the state in recent years. Even the stupid party should be able to put together some high-sterical and effective campaign ads using Public Servant Hudak.

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Her term ends in 2016 I believe. Considering the damage she did in the first 6 months of this year alone, I'd say it would be dangerous to wait her out.

Posted by: Billll at October 19, 2013 09:36 AM

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