July 31, 2013

Some random thoughts and links

Three words sum up Jackson, Sharpton and Crump - baiter's gonna bait. And when it comes to baiting, Jackson and Sharpton are masters. I found an article where an actual reverend, in NYC no less, is defending Zimmerman against the baiters. Another man of the cloth calls out Jackson and Sharpton on their baiting. And yet another pastor denounces the baiting.

What I find odd is that a lot of folks are holding up Trayvon Martin as some sort of martyr, yet from what his friend Jeantel was saying in post trial interviews, it seems very likely that Martin confronted and attacked Zimmerman because he thought Zimmerman was homosexual. I don't think those folks would be quite as adamant about "justice for Trayvon" if they realized Trayvon may have been killed, not for the skittles in his pocket or the color of his skin, but because he had a serious failure in his victim selection process when he decided to go gay bashing.

Heard a caller to a local talk show say, "The only way the press will leave George Zimmerman alone is if he changes his last name to Benghazi".

I hear that NC will now allow folks to carry in places that serve alcohol if they have a damned permit to carry. I'd prefer it if NC did away with all the permit requirements and respected folks Right to carry. I'd also like it if my home state would rescind the ban on smoking in buildings the state doesn't own.

Back when NC was a state that respected Property Rights, I played in many a bar & I always carried (though I seldom if ever drank - while working at least). Folks would sometimes ask me (if it came up in conversation) why I carried in a bar. I'd usually point out that the nightlife, that old sporting life, is a dangerous life. A buddy of mine got robbed after a gig one night & the punks used his microphone stand to knock out his teeth. He's lucky he wasn't killed. The drunks in the bar usually ain't that much of a problem, but loading out at 2:30 a.m. ain't exactly the safest operation in the world. Hence carrying in bars made sense to me.

But now, when someone asks why I carry in bars there's a simpler answer: bears. (of course that's spawned tons of "so, a bear walks into this bar...." jokes.)

Bears are also a good reason to carry in your house (not that you should need a reason to carry anywhere, but for conversations sake bears are a good example).

A friend of mine passed a little while ago. He was a good guy, and probably the proudest vet I've ever heard of - jacket full of military patches, flew the flag on certain days, an MIA-POW decal on his moped, etc. He was a Seabee during Vietnam and was disabled by the time I met him. About 5 years back, he went to the VA because he thought it strange that he had some blood in his urine with some mild abdominal pain. After a little over a year they finally figured out he had cancer. He'd talk with me about the testing and waiting and such, almost always tossing in how nice everyone (especially the RN's) were, but getting frustrated cause they didn't seem to know what they were doing with him (especially before they determined he had cancer). And when they did have a clue they had to get creative about the procedures they had to follow. I'd listen patiently and when he finished the latest tale of administrative angst I'd tell him that the problem could be summed up by four words; government run health care. He'd laugh and agree. Anyway cancer took him not long ago so when I saw the next article I'll link to it reminded me of him, and some of the conversations we had about his experiences.

"A former nurse who claims she saw patients being mistreated at the Denver VA hospital is filing a federal whistleblower lawsuit claiming she was punished for exposing problems."

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll soon have time to post more often, but I'm not holding my breath.

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When you look at Sharpton, Jackson, et al, you see that the only reason that they can get away with their BS is a complicit non-investigating news media.

If the truth were reported as loud as their lies, nobody would take them seriously. If their lies were revealed to be lies, no one would spend any time listening to them, or seeking their forgiveness, or letting them on the nightly news.

This is how the news media wages war on our country, our culture, our values - they won't report unpleasant truths, and they do report pleasant lies.

Posted by: Sam at July 31, 2013 11:24 PM

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