July 11, 2013

Time Ain't On My Side

It is absolutely hysterical how much overtime a person can rack up when a co-worker and the boss quit on the same day. However it is not the least bit funny when the owner of the company decides that "we didn't need them anyway" and not only tries to assume too much responsibility his own self, but figures the remaining crew can handle the slack and neglects hiring a replacement or two.

Actually, before I went all Galt-ish I might have stepped in and talked my way into a promotion, but now I'm just trying to talk my way into a few days off so I can tend to some projects that got halted when all this stuff started. For example I have a perfectly good vintage Goldwing that I'm trying to fix restore. I have the motor almost ready to come out to replace a bad stator, and while I'm there I'll slap on some new timing belts, rebuild the carbs (there are four of the little tiny parts laden things) and then maybe get around to adding some long gun scabbards to the luggage racks. But I can't do any of that until I have - what was it called again? oh yes - time off. Needles to say type, bloggage hath suffered and will likely continue to do so.

In the meantime, here are a bunch of links concerning some stuff I thought was worth mentioning.

Gun enthusiasts push against Colorado's new restrictions:

“I don’t — frankly — understand the extreme reaction that we’re seeing from some of them,' said State Rep. Randy Fischer, D-Fort Collins, a co-sponsor of the legislation, adding that they’re 'not in step with what mainstream Coloradans expect from elected officials.”

Of course he doesn't understand; that'd require reading proficiency in not one but count 'em - two constitutions. I think he errs in assuming "mainstream" Coloradans don't expect their reps to abide by the contract that legitimizes government, but we'll find that out in November of 2014.

"For Richard Beck, owner of Pawnee Sportsmens Center, one word describes the laws: 'stupid'.”

I'd have went with immoral myself.

"Beck said the laws are 'unenforceable' and were concocted to appease 'soccer moms' in growing urban centers.

'They have no idea why the Second Amendment is there,' he said.

But he said he will comply." (emphasis mine)

That's a damn shame - I've mentioned before that I dislike the "law abiding gunowner" label, because I see no moral or legal obligation to obey laws that contradict a constitution or two, doubly so when said laws impose on natural Rights. A lot of people are dead because they complied with such immoral laws.

Oh, by-the-by, violent crime fell 3.4% in Colorado last year. Mentionthat next time you hear someone say that Colorado's new gun-owner control laws were because of the crime wave we've had around here.

Signers of the recall petition against public servant Morse allege Morse supporters tried to intimidate them. Another story about that can be found here.

Morse lost his challenge to the recall petition's validity, although he'll appeal that. Meanwhile the Colorado GOP has selected a fellow named Bernie Herpin to challenge Morse in the recall.

Public servant Giron lost a challenge to her recall's validity as well, and she'll likely appeal to the courts just as Morse is doing. Oh, and yes; she had her supporters call the folks that signed the petition against her as well.

Growing group of moms ‘declares independence’ from gun violence. Read the article yourself to learn about the Indiana mother of 5 who founded the group "mom's demand Action" and how she not only brought her carpetbaggery to Colorado, but how she wants the rest of the nation to pass laws just like Colorado did. Yes, they're mothers alright...

After the local Chamber of Commerce decided to drop support because of those nasty gun carriers, the city picked up the tab, the parade went on, and hundreds of gun owners marched in the Westcliffe, Colorado Independence Day parade. (Just cause it's a cool little place, I'll mention that Westcliffe, Colorado is just up the street from Bishop Castle. If Colorado ever rejoins America it's a place worth visiting).

The neighbors of a project in development oppose a firearms center and range.

In Weld county, a public meeting is held concerning secession from Colorado. I should note, it's not just Weld, but several counties up that way that want to leave the Denver-metro area behind. Some have offered alternatives to secession, but secession has a certain appeal considering what happened this year.

Firehand points to an Examiner piece in which a sheriff alleges that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation had advised cops to ignore and/or violate the state's new gun owner control laws. The same sheriff also speculates that selective enforcement is behind the lack of arrests at the July 1rst civil disobedience rally at the Colorado capital.

Being a "god damned gun right supporter", I feel it's imperative that I engage in a bit more "stupid over analysis", even if it risks everyone being "paralyzed" (scroll down to the 2nd comment to get the gist of what I'm snarking about) :

Contrary to speculation, I wasn't shocked that no one was arrested at the civil disobedience gathering. I was just plain wrong. What I think went on is that the Denver PD were told not to arrest anyone as they were still waiting for official word on how to enforce these new laws, and likely A: didn't want to risk a misstep in the execution of these laws and B: wanted to deny the protestors the media coverage that would have came with arrests. The cops didn't arrest folks cause they agreed the laws were immoral, unconstitutional and just plain dumb - they were under orders. But I gauran-damn teeya that on the side of the road officer friendly will run you in if there's a chance that magazine on the dash might hold more than 15 rounds. But there's a court case that I'll try to cover in another post that deals a little more with that.

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