February 27, 2013


Students stranded overnight at school during snowstorm.

I'm sure glad those teachers were unarmed aren't you? Especially since folks always have nothing but good intentions during snowstorms, so an overnight stay at a free parking for spree killers victim disarmament zone will help acclimate all concerned to the proper role of citizens in the world. (also look here and here).

The kids were okay, albeit a bit inconvenienced, but if just one person with harmful, violent intent would have stumbled onto them, he'd have been king of their world until the roads cleared, as the cops would have been hours away and by law all the guardians of said kids were disarmed.

No; being stranded at a government building overnight isn't the most compelling argument for arming teachers due to its rarity, but keep in mind we all carry weapons for hopefully very rare occasions.

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