February 18, 2013

Want to be a 15 percenter?

This is exactly the kinda thing that made me realize I shouldn't even try lotto:

Virginia Beach pizza shop offering discount to gun owners

Show up, show proof of gun ownership - like pointing to your sidearm or flashing a permit - & voila! 15% off your order! They also hire drivers who open carry. Now where the hell were these guys when I was delivering pizzas???!?!?shiftplusone?!!?!?

Ah, well. At least some pizza joint is finally getting it right.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Domino's could not be reached for comment - they were too busy reminding all their drivers and crew who were robbed of the virtues of a gun free workplace.

h/t Alphecca (who still could use a little help btw)

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