January 23, 2013

Gone So Long

Ever take a vacation and leave someone else in charge of the house, thinking everything would be just dandy when ya got back? Only when you did pop open the door – or what was left of it as it teetered meekly on 1 and ½ hinges – You find the TV on its side, chips and dip scattered throughout the carpet like a Rorschach test gone wrong, what you assume is a bra hanging from the ceiling fan but don’t really wish to investigate further, and two bums with what you think are crack pipes in their hands lounging on the couch with their feet on the coffee table on either side of what you recognize by smell as an open bucket of gasoline (91 octane at least) muttering “whaddup” as they disinterestedly look at you like you just walked into their domain?

Well now you’re feeling me.

Another “assault weapons” ban? 7 is the new 10? “Universal” background checks? Online ammo bans being redundant cause the supply lines have enough vacuum to make a Hoover jealous? 9+ day waits to get approved to buy whatever’s left in a gun store? Folks admiring the natural beauty of the wood on shelves that previously had rifles and ammo? And the “solutions” ain’t much better – TSA for Tots? Video game burnings? Boehner’s legislative fortitude? On top of that being the brokest nation in history, with no signs of taking a calculator to our financial czars and teaching them how to use it.

I swanny, I can’t turn my back for a minute round you folks can I? As soon as I find out who’s responsible, somebody’s gonna get grounded! There may even be hickory switches involved...

In the meantime, whilst I evict the crackheads & disinfect the place (i.e. figure out what this button that says "publish" does) here's a little ditty by a couple of kids from Denver of all places, calling themselves Breathe Carolina of all things.

Oh & just so ya know it's me (note use of ampersand) I think everyone should go out & buy a Garand. Right now. & then a bayonet. (not an M5 - that was the obvious result of communist infiltration into our War Department - grab an M1 or an M1905 or M1942 if ya can) That way ya don't get a corner clipped off'n yer 'Murican card. :)

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Good to see you back! We missed you those 2,077 days you were away.

Posted by: USCitizen at January 25, 2013 12:01 PM
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