April 24, 2007

Book Me Brother Dave

Hugh Hewitt did an interview with Professor John Mark Reynolds of Biola University and Professor David Allen White of the United States Naval Academy where they discussed 30 books they think every freshman should read during the first year of college. The transcript of the interview may be found here (along with links to pages on each book mentioned).

Speaking of good reads The War On Guns points to this piece by Vin Suprynowicz entitled "Books don't kill people -- guns do".

& finally Michael Bane has a post called "Books Are Those Heavy Things With Pages..." where he discusses Imus, Kouric & a chap named Brother Dave Gardner (who was a comic until he "...abruptly end his career on television, with less than 10 words on the Johnny Carson Show..." as Bane put it. I was unfamiliar with this fellow & clicked the Wikipedia link on him from Bane's post (as Bane declined to elaborate on his televised demise & I thought the details would be in there). I didn't find the story Bane hinted at but I did find something very amusing. From the Wikipedia page:

"Anticipating the bottled-water market by almost 30 years, he noted that, at Hot Springs, Arkansas, he had seen the so-called 'stupid, ignorant Southerners sellin' water to them brilliant Yankees." (emphasis in original)

For the record I have bought plenty of bottled water. Also for the record it was always for a lady I was dating as I'm a dedicated tea drinker. Let the record further show that any slight limp I have is possibly due to making fun of one of the non-specified ladies' habit of paying for bottled water when we had it on tap. Finally, mark it down in the record that should any one of the unspecified ladies find this post I in no way meant to allege, imply, infer or otherwise represent that my amusement at the quote above had anything to do with their habit of paying good money for water in a bottle despite having a faucet that dumps the stuff out faster than it can be drunk right their in their own homes.

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