April 23, 2007

Erf Day

I've been terribly busy, in no small part due to the increased reading as a result of last week's tragic event. So I didn't realize until well past midnight that yesterday was Erf* day. I wasn't even aware that there were a series of days in honor of one of my favorite dance bands with one of the baddest horn sections of all time (I say "one of" because Tower of Power's horn section is arguably as good though not as widely known, & there's always Kool & the Gang & P-funk to make for some interesting conversations about who the baddest horn section is/was). I suppose that makes today Wind day & tomorrow will be Fire day. & that's a'ight. :)

To make up for missing yesterday I'll give ya a two-fer:

"That's The Way Of The World" (live) & "Getaway".

So belated happy Erf Day, have a merry Wind Day (which for some reason I thought should occur on the day before [ahem] Thursday) & may your Fire Day be bright.

* Musicians have their own dialect & every band has a quasi-sub dialect with a mixing of jargon that sometimes only occurs amongst a few bands. The bands I played with spoke a dialect comprised of Southern English mixed with hip-hop slang & a little redneck thrown in. Due (to my knowledge - it may have started before I knew about it &/or happened in some other way) to a drummer who was missing some teeth several bands I was in called Earth, Wind & Fire simply Erf.

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