April 21, 2007

Another Shooting

I saw this over at Instapundit. Another shooting occurred but this time at the Johnson Space Center. One person was killed before the murderer shot himself after taking a hostage (the hostage was freed after the murderer killed himself). It seems the murderer targeted a co=worker he thought could get him fired:

"Phillips had lunch with Beverly and another man on Friday, police said. That afternoon, Phillips entered Beverly's office with the snub-nosed revolver in his hand and said "You're the one who's going to get me fired," Baimbridge said.
After Beverly talked with Phillips for several minutes, Phillips shot him twice, police said. He then returned and shot Beverly twice more, officials said.
Phillips duct-taped a woman to a chair, holding her for hours, police said. Officers entered the room and freed her after hearing the gunshot that killed Phillips."

I could be wrong, but committing murder will at the least get you fired, so I can't say I see any real logic to what the murdering punk did. This definitely seemed pre-meditated as he bought the revolver he used about a month ago & just after he received a bad performance review. But at times it doesn't matter what a person's motivation is. It's their actions that count & knowing the "why's" isn't usually useful in stopping someone.

But you'll hear more about this as the anti's try to press any legislation they think they can get away with, or at least get some attention (i.e. fund raising mileage) from.

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