April 18, 2007

Stanley Arrested Again

Via The War On Guns. Rick Stanley was arrested when he & his wife were coming out of a bank. A SWAT team used stun grenades & hit Stanley with a bean bag gun in order to arrest him, though nothing was mentioned of Stanley resisting in any way. Go read The War On Guns post about this.

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Sadly, this amounts to pretty much standard treatment for anyone who publicly declares when and where they would be exercising their right to bear arms.

Police were hoping to find him armed, (being out on bond it would have been illegally for him to be). Another charge, another chance to make him look evil with the co-conspirators in the media.

Still, we should be happy they didn't just end the whole thing right there and then. You pick: "He reached for his waist." "We were following procedure." "The gun went off." "There NOT 'non-lethal', there 'less-than-lethal'."

Posted by: yoyo at April 18, 2007 09:40 PM