April 14, 2007

Close To You

A Maxi Priest tune from 1990. In the early to late 90's I was playing this tune a lot in some bands I was in. It's really fun to play (especially for bass players), easy to dance to & dog gone it people liked it. Nothing new in the subject matter - the guy wants to get close to someone he cares for. Here's the vid.

Course some folks want to get closer to everyone:

"President Bush's spy chief is pushing to expand the government's surveillance authority at the same time the administration is under attack for stretching its domestic eavesdropping powers." (link in original)

Read the article. Nothing in it is going to be that comforting, but the good news is this is just a wish list (so far). If legislation gets pushed to implement these measures, then be very vocal in your opposition to it. No single item would mean the death of liberty that very day, but a few would be a big step towards that day. Gravity works on slippery slopes & this proposal would be like adding a 100 lb weight to a 90 lb kid on roller skates.

Oh, if you think we can trust this power to the government because it would be Republicans administrating it (for now), then might I point you to this post at No Quarters about free speech & no-fly lists (which also goes a ways towards backing up Annika's & Tam's views on flying).

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