April 13, 2007

The Holes In The Door

This sounds interesting:

"The movie is a documentary by Denver filmmakers Alan and David Dominguez. It examines the 1999 police killing of Ismael Mena in a no-knock drug raid at the wrong address. The film, which hints at police corruption and a coverup, should help Rosenthal understand why some people still have trouble trusting the city's police."

Note: Jim Spencer, the reviewer of the movie, is one of the most asshatted anti-gunners to ever put word processor to hard drive in this town - just so ya know.


"The movie will play only once at the XicanIndie Film Festival at the Tivoli. The Dominguezes hope to place it in other festivals."

According to this schedule that means it'll play tonight at 9 p.m. MDT I doubt I'll make it as I'm still a bit swamped but hopefully it'll come around to another venue when I have more notice.

Also while surfing a bit for more info about the movie I stumbled across a write up for the Femme Fatale 2 art show. The reason I mention it is - well if you scroll down a little you'll see the write up entitled "Girls with Guns". Probably not a literal thing but with the femme fatale label ya never know. Seems interesting though so if you're into artwork (as I occasionally am) then it might be something to check out.

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