April 11, 2007

Anti Social Doctors

If you're a Coloradan, please take the time to read this Open Letter to Colorado Physicians (and others, for that matter) regarding the danger of socialized healthcare in Colorado. I hadn't known that it was this far along. Paul S. Hsieh, MD, writes:

As some of you may know, in June 2006 the Colorado state legislature authorized a special 24-person Commission (called the "208 Commission" after Senate bill SB208) to generate proposals to restructure the health care system in Colorado, and submit them for legislative approval. The Commissioners were chosen by politicians from both political parties. Currently, there are only two doctors on the 208 Commission; the other 22 are representatives of various special interest groups.

The basic premise of the 208 Commission is that the government must guarantee health care for all Coloradoans. During their public meetings, a significant number of the Commissioners have expressed support for some form of socialized medicine. Although they frequently use euphemisms such as "single payer" or "universal mandatory coverage", similar language has been used in other US states and other countries to justify government-mandated socialized medicine.

Following his letter, Paul provides a plethora of references on the subject.

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