April 03, 2007

Kissing A Fool

Say whatever you want about George Michael but every now & then he does something nice. This tune is very reminiscent of the classic jazz style back when it was as likely to be heard on mainstream "Top 40" stations as deep jazz only channels. It's damn well written & the performance is believable. The chords move decisively yet allow enough freedom for the melody to lilt & flow as Michael paints the picture. The picture he paints is one of a guy who's down on himself for daring to think that his lover cared for him. But the way he explains the tale is very poetic. Note the switch in treatment when he speaks of his lover listening to her heart versus him listening to his heart. & the bridges - I've always been a sucker for decent bridges & he has two nice ones in this tune which really heightens the mood he lays out. The last bridge where the build up is most noticeable - the way he starts off saying something but ends up changing the focus slightly in the last few lines - is (in my experience) an honest assessment of a guy who's torn by being rejected but still cares deeply for the lady in question. I really can't say enough good things about this tune so just click the link & listen to it. Here's the vid & here are the lyrics. & just because I found it cute, here's a vid of Michael Buble doing the tune set to animation that seems to be a take on the movie Down With Love (one of the few chick flicks I'll admit to owning - it's really a decent film).

Well I wasn't kissed per se or thinking someone cared for me (this time around at least), but I think I qualify for the fool part of the equation. Miss Bitter is still miss Bitter. Turns out that her marriage was in fact an April Fool's gag. Course since she & Sebastian did represent themselves as married on the internet there's a possibility that they're common law hubby & wife someplace in the Baltic states or the Appalachians. Hell, in some mountain towns in NC all that's necessary for a legally recognized wedding is the temporary loan of a firearm, which Bitter & Sebastian have done with each other. I'm just wondering if they ever visit Murphy, N.C. if the good folks of that town will be throwing rice or shot buffer at the happy couple? :)

I admit she got me good. I was actually thinking they went & got hitched & pretty soon we'd be reading about the pitter patter of little snowflakes. But in my defense "painfully obvious" was covered by me mentioning a Garand in 5.56x45 NATO or by Tam saying she traded in her 1911's for Glock's. A couple who started dating via their blogs (after the guy started a blog just to try to impress her) flying to Vegas & getting chained up in the legal sense really wasn't that far-fetched. At least not to an old fool. :)

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