April 01, 2007

No One Needs To Know

When Shania came out a lot of purists were complaining that she wasn't really country. I always thought this tune put that accusation to rest. It's a very cute little ditty with a pretty traditional country format. It's a simple tune even though it contains two different bridges (the latter of which is mildly sophisticated for the tune) but gosh darn it it's a fun one. Even the harmonica in it is cute. It's about a young lady who's so smitten by her new beau that she's already contemplating their life together even though she's not ready to let anyone else in on her dreams. Here's the vid.

What better tune for the lovely, talented & deadly-in-those-boots miss Bitter (who should now be referred to as Mrs. Snowflakes)? Here's Bitter's post explaining their elopement & here's Sebastians extremely wordy take on things. :)

Congrats to both of the lucky kids. (of course if this is merely an April fool's thing then - well I never claimed not to be a fool & they both sound convincing enough...)

& since I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity I have (as should every musician past or present) a semi-amusing Shania story in the extended entry:

I was in a country band in the late 90's for a little while. I'd been in country bands before even though it wasn't really my forte. Don't get me wrong; I like country as a genre & I've played it since I was a youngin'. Hell, one of the first songs I learned on guitar was Good Ol' Boys (theme from the Dukes of Hazzard). It's just that I played R&B for so long that my feel for country leadwork isn't right so I didn't take country gigs too often.

Anyway At one of the first gigs with these guys (which was headed by a couple - hubby played keys & sang, wife played guitar, flute & sang her ass off) they asked me if I knew this Shania Twain tune (can't recall which one). I said no but I'd pick it up as we went along. So we did the tune in the middle of the set & I didn't find it too difficult to pick up. After the set the keyboard player (i.e. my boss) came up to me & we had the following exchange:

Keys: Ya didn't have to lie to us
Pub: Hey - I told you that that was not my bar tab the other night
Keys: No that's not what I...
Pub: Oh - well look I just gave her a lift home; you know I have a policy against dating waitresses from the club where I'm...
Keys: No; I meant about the Shania tune. You said you'd never played it before.
Pub: I hadn't.
Keys: Well that's odd because you were nailing every guitar part in the song & a few of the keyboard lines as well.
Pub: Oh, well ya see I guess I just watched the damn video so often it sunk in subconsciously.
Keys: I can see that. That was a good video, especially when she came out in that... ahem. hey honey, we was just talking about that song...
Mrs. Keys: uh.huh.

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While much like the song, he may not really know what plans I have in mind for him yet, it was an April Fool's gag.

Yes, Sebastian really like shrimp. However, I would not be married in a room with bright gold curtains and a fake Vegas skyline. :)

Posted by: Bitter at April 1, 2007 09:34 PM
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