March 14, 2007

Can't Get You Out Of My Head

It's a Kylie Minogue tune that really grew on me a few years back. A then current girlfriend really liked it & it was playing the last time I took her out dancing (yes; I used to get my groove on but admittedly it's been a while). Here's the marginally, kinda safe for work vid. Aside from being a decent almost too catchy little dance tune it's title appropriate.

It started a few days ago but I didn't think much of it. I kept on doing my thing & figured it'd go away. It didn't. It grew. & spread. Eventually it was hard to ignore & I had to face it. My head wasn't the only thing affected; it migrated into my chest & even lower back.

I don't get sick much. The last time was around this time of year in '05. Before that it was January of '03. But when I do get sick it tends to kick my ass. Not so much that I can't take care of myself (although it has been really sweet when someone tried to tend to me during a cold - & backrubs have always been welcome) but I don't think I'm going to be knocking out a 14'er in the next day or two.

Blogging may be light or it may be unusually heavy over the next day or two. It all depends on how hard the Theraflu caps I'm popping like candy effect me. For the record Theraflu caps have always proven effective. When I was a musician it was the only thing I could take to control my symptoms yet leave me clear headed enough to actually play a gig. Course I wouldn't drive under the influence of Theraflu but luckily the BAC level for making it through a gig was not determined by a legislature. & while sharing certain traits with the Anarchangel (mainly not chilling out until things get worse than they have to) I am thankful that I don't have to go through what he does in order to properly medicate myself.

& I have to admit that despite it sounding minimalistic the American Federation of Musicians health insurance plan does actually work (the plan consisting of drinking a glass of OJ every morning & praying like hell that's enough) though nothing is foolproof (& I strive to be a better fool each & every day). :)

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