March 08, 2007

16 Into 300

Damn near everyone I know on the net is talking about it so I might as well make mention.

300 will be in theaters on Friday. It's probably the only movie in quite a while that I've wanted to go see. I mean wanted to go see, not just that it might be an okay flick to check out on a rainy snowy day. I'm kind of a history buff (for example the last 2 books I bought were Churchill's A History Of The English-Speaking Peoples (Arranged for one volume by Commager) & Roberts' History Of The English Speaking Peoples Since 1900) so a film about the Battle of Thermopylae appeals to me (as did Pressfield's Gates Of Fire). I even have on my DVD shelf the 1962 flick The 300 Spartans.

But I probably won't see 300 just yet. When it's out on DVD though it shall be mine (Lord willing & the chamber pressure don't rise) unless for some reason it gets very bad reviews from Tam, The Anarchangel & a few others who are looking forward to it.

Oh, the title of this post? Last time I hit a movie theater by myself it ran about 16 bucks including popcorn & Coca-cola Icee. It usually doubles (or more) for a date but oddly enough the cheap bastard syndrome economically reserved gene only kicks in when I'm solo & I don't know of any ladies within a 14 hour drive that would be interested in tagging along without lacing my popcorn with arsenic. Besides, there'd probably be an argument over whether Xerxes or Leonidas represented Bush. & ya know, oddly enough if Kerry would have been elected (not that anyone who reads this blog voted that way) we could have skipped that particular bit of political idiocy. It'd have just been a question of whether Kerry was a genealogical descendant of Ephialtes of Trachis or just a spiritual one. :) (Don't worry - Bush bashing will resume the next time he tries to appeal to the Marxians swing voters - which should be any second now).

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