March 06, 2007


Family drama, medical drama, the threat of sudden travel, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, losing old friends, hearing the specifics of said loss from old mutual friends, health insurance, 401k's, unwelcome former relatives, partial reconciliation between siblings, making peace between two other siblings, ending an odd-for-me part of a 7 month "journey" (for lack of a better way to describe it), knowing that some aspects of said 7 month "journey" will be infinite, watching a 13 year old girl go through losing a pet, counseling friends who are destitute of hope, counseling other friends who have hope but little else, buying model kits for someone who bought them for me long ago, trying to comfort a sibling who doesn't quite understand palliative care or thanatology (which is odd since our mother once suggested I explore music-thanatology as a career - but I never was a Nordoff-Robbins kinda guy despite agreeing with their general idea), working with incompetent &/or lazy people, introspection concerning regrets brought about by my own hand, exploring the narrow world of private financial aid, standing up to a small group of gang bangers (which really wasn't as dangerous or dramatic as it sounds), being a bit more cautious because of implied threats from aforementioned punks, car theft, new friends close to arriving, old friends closer to leaving, missing the ocean (still) & the light, drinking the mountains, vision problems, dealing with prejudices, learning disabilities (& scheduling the testing of same), wondering just how idiotic people can be behind the wheel & finding a new answer almost every freakin' day, tentatively planned trips to Cali, NC & Az under less than ideal circumstances, dreading Spring, fender benders, memory loss causing harm, not missing politics or law but knowing there's much work to be done, working too damn much & agreeing to work even more, & (perhaps as regrettable to me as anything else) marking a 2nd anniversary (as of today) without cause to celebrate.

Well I could have just said things have been hectic but that'd have negated a good opportunity to do a stream of conscienceness-type post that's cryptic enough to be puzzling in some spots. Besides, I'm way too wordy for a brief explanation for my lack of posting. But many thanks to Jed & Bitter for covering for me the last few weeks. It has been an interesting past few weeks & I think I've mentioned before how I hate interesting.

Blogging will not return to normal (as that'd imply things were actually normal around here) but I'll try to get some posts up a little more often. I think. In the meantime hopefully the guest bloggers will continue to pitch in as I wouldn't want my 4 regular readers to realize just how many other bloggers better than I are out there. :)

A song by John Mayer called Gravity is one of the coolest blues/R&B tunes I've ever heard. It doesn't quite sum up all of what has been happening lately but it's close a-damn-nuff. Most of the time situations are overly complicated by details when breaking things down to basics serves the purpose for analysis & planning (which is something I think old man Soc tried to hip us to). While it's ambiguous enough to cover many situations it's lucid in its overall intent - losing what you want because you're too focused on getting what you want. In any case it has that Ottis Redding kinda vibe to it & it's simplistic enough to be catchy as hell. All in all it's a fine effort by a scrawny little kid from Atlanta. To add further praise, were I still a musician & playing this tune I'd change very little if any of the guitar work (which for me is saying something because I'd tamper with damn near anything I played as I thought I could do better). The song itself is nice & the guitar work is so tasteful that it approaches perfection in-my-not-quite-humble-opinion. Here's the vid & here are the lyrics.

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