December 31, 2006

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

I meant to post this yesterday but reflecting on the lesons discussed in Snow Related Note Part Two I became distracted.

The title is translated from German as "A Little Night Music" & is one of Mozart's most recognizable pieces (especially the first movement). It was written for chamber orchestra which is my favorite form of orchestration so I admit I'm especially partial to this piece. Here's a link to a streaming performance of the first movement (Sonata Allegro) by the PHS Chamber Orchestra. Wikipedia has the 4th movement (Sonata Rondo) in their Media section on Mozart's page (scroll down in the frame). They also have an External Link to an MP3 of the first movement (Sonata Allegro) on their Eine Kleine Nachtmusik page.

The reason I bring this up is that tonight the Colorado Symphony Orchestra put on a program called A Night In Vienna. It was to include a special tribute to Mozart because 2006 would have marked his 250th Birthday. I obviously missed it but it sounded like a very cool way to enjoy the evening.

& to keep it gun related - 150 years after Mozart's birth we have the dawning of the .30-06 Springfield. Coincidence? Well...yes - but it was the best segue I could think of. In the meantime enjoy some of Mozart's work.

Posted by Publicola at December 31, 2006 11:57 PM | TrackBack

Yaknow, I always wondered why he called it a little night music, when it's about the msot perfect morning music ever written? I mean it's jsut perfect to wake up to.

Posted by: Chris Byrne at January 1, 2007 02:00 AM

Wolfy wasn't the stuffy sort who wrote sitting upright in a chair fully dressed in the latest Veineese fashion thinking of nobility & the higher pursuit of virtue for its own sake. If you listen to all four movements it tells the story of a man who has gone clubbing in Vienna in the 18th century.

He hits the town to announce his presence (first movement), finds a little vixen & falls for her, woos her/tries to impress her (second movement), said vixen plays hard to get (third movement) & finally the last leg of the chase to sustain the Latin nulla puella negat (fourth movement). There is rumored to be a 5th movement which may provide the result of the outing but it's questionable as to whether it's extent. I'm sure that if Wolfy had made a vid for this serenade it'd make what the girls in those Ratt videos wore seem modest.

But now that I think about it for musicians that is waking up isn't it? :) Or maybe I just need to get out more...

Posted by: Publicola at January 1, 2007 03:45 AM