December 25, 2006

Feline Navidad?

I wrote a post a while back about a furry friend who was ill. I'll be quick to claim that I'm just making sure I've got the hang of the work-around to the upload problems I've been having, but odds are I'm really just feeling a bit sentimental (pronounced semi-mental) since reading about Mr. Rummel's consideration of his pets & wanted to share some pics. Besides, Christmas is an appropriate excuse for cat blogging isn't it?

Here's the feline in question - Bug.

Here's her partner in lounging - Chip.

& here's a pic of one of their last naps together.

Bug was put down in late September early October of '04. Chip lasted almost a year longer but he passed as well. I probably spent more time typing with Bug on my lap &/or Chip leaning on my leg (he never was a good jumper) than I have talking with most people I know around here. With her travel schedule & all I definitely spent more time with the cats than with the ex-g/f who owned them. But such is life, & the cats both had long & happy ones. They left behind some nice memories & a few cute pics & what more can you ask of a creature who tolerates you solely because it lacks opposable thumbs & the ability to open cans? :)

On another feline related note a Cheetah in South Africa is soon to be fitted with a prosthetic leg.

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