December 25, 2006

Call Me A Dog

It was done by Temple of the Dog on their debut (& only) album. Chris Cornell sung the tune & his current band Audioslave has added it to their live set. Here's Cornell doing the tune by himself (as part of the Audioslave show) & here's Temple of the Dog doing it (though the sound quality isn't great & the performances aren't much to speak of). Here are the lyrics. The song is a mournful little ditty about a guy who feels his lover has been looking down on him/disrespecting him/using him but he won't seek retribution for it or even argue with her about some points; he'll either cherish her or walk away when it comes time to make a decision. All in all it's a beautiful (if somewhat depressing & self-pitying) tune that shows a surprisingly mature attitude about what to do in such a situation. Its use of metaphors is interesting & it has an almost country flavor to it (which is unusual for a grunge band). The linked performances aren't great but they should give you an idea of the tune's potential. Still, find the studio version if you can.

But speaking of being called a dog & just walking away in an almost country format (bad segues are better than none right?), James Rummel thinks that Christmas shouldn't be a special day exclusively for two legged mammals. & of course he's packing to protect his pack (coyotes in the area donchaknow?). Someone once told me that you can tell a bit about a person by how they treat their pets & if that's a valid indicator it seems that Mr. Rummel is a very decent fellow indeed.

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