December 20, 2006

Let It Snow

I was going to attempt to write an emergency preparedness kit post but in doing a little digging I'd forgotten that I'd done that already (ah senility the gift that keeps on giving). Check out Needful Things & please be forgiving of the script errors. That post was written with traveling in mind. Random Nuclear Strikes has the SHTF Equipment Review up which is a more stay-at-home based angle on things. Say Uncle has a car kit post up called Something In The Water. In that post is a link to Scott Mead's article called Create Your Own Roadside Emergency Kit & some interesting comments on the same topic at Kim du Toit has a few interesting posts on the subject. SHTF / TEOTWAWKI outlines different types of situations, Grab-And-Go I discusses choices in arms & Grab-And-Go II talks of other things that may be of use.

As I compose this post there's over a foot of snow on the ground. Obviously the electricity is still flowing but it's a might chilly when you step outside (though not too bad if you're used to it). The city is pretty much shut down. It's times like these when you think of such things as emergency preparedness, hence the post you're reading. I think I'm pretty well stocked at the moment. With the power still running it's not that difficult but if the power went out I'd be alright for a bit. If it came down to it I'm confident that I could get the car on the road (though that's more a result of me being too stubborn for my own good than it being an easy proposition) but I don't think it'll be necessary. Still I have found myself going over bits & pieces of my "list" to make sure I've got everything I need. The point is that right now is not the time to be doing that; a few days ago when re-supply was a might easier was the oppurtune moment. As I said I seem to have all the necessities & creature comforts but be that as it may if you can take a few minutes & check out the links above. There's some good advice contained within & if you're not currently snowed in it'd be a good time to hit the store & grab whatever you think you may be lacking in case civilization stops being so comfortable in your neck of the woods.

& lest I forget, here's a Dean Martin vid for ya.

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Thank you for the linkage and I hope your power stays on and that everything turns out well for you all there.

Posted by: Phil at December 21, 2006 02:51 AM