December 16, 2006

Shape Of My Heart

Sting yet again. & a pretty little tune it is (despite the harmonica). It's from Ten Summoner's Tales which is imho one of his best works to date. Politically I'm not on the same page as Sting - hell i'm on a different bookshelf altogether. But I've played a lot of his tunes over the years & I do dig the way he writes. This song uses the gambler's craft as a metphor for dealing with human interactions. The gambler in the tune isn't playing for material gain; rather he's playing for something much more valuable than gold - knowledge. But to get to that knowledge he must not master his opponents but his own emotions, which he seems to hide even from himself. Here's the vid & here are the lyrics.

& speaking of cardiovascular health (hey, we kinda were. Sorta. In a roundabout way. I think.) No Quarters points to a restaurant in Pheonix with a "naughty nurse" theme. I wonder if the phrase "Hello, nurse" is ever used there? It's no wonder nurses are more respected than cops. Not only do they generally look nicer they generally are nicer. I don't keep a loaded gun by the bed in case a group of masked nurses break down my door in the middle of the night & try to handcuff me. But now that I think about some of the nurses I've known over the decades years I'm not sure that's such a plus after all. :)

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