December 15, 2006


It's a Van Halen tune. Or to appease certain factions of Van Halen fans a Van Hagar tune. I never was a big Van Halen fan (though I do appreciate his playing more than when I was a kid) but this always struck me as a good solid rock tune (yes I'm going to use that tired old joke - not that kind of rock). The title of the tune (& the album) comes from a California police term for a mentally disturbed person. Since the song speaks about love I'd say it's an appropriate title. :) Here's a vid of them doing the tune live back in '87. & here are the lyrics.

From the chorus:

"Always one more
You're never satisfied
It's never one for all with you
It's only one for me
Oh, why draw the line?
Meet you half the way
When you don't know what that means"

Well via miss Bitter you can see where that type of attitude can lead, especially if you lawyer up pre-date. I'd make a joke about a "consent to strike out" form but with my luck someone would just point me out to an existing copy on sale someplace.

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Eddie Van Halen reminds me here of someone, but I had a hell of a time figuring out who.

It's Tom Hulce's raving genius in Amadeus.

(No, I'm not comparing Eddie to Mozart. If anything, it's praise of Hulce's superb portrayal. I have to wonder if Hulce ever saw Van Halen perform.)

Posted by: refugee at December 16, 2006 02:37 PM