November 29, 2006

The Morning Papers

Another Prince song (here's the vid). When I first heard it the lyrics kinda got me though it took years to figure out why. Ya see Prince is weird. He can be freaky as hell & - well I damn sure don't want to use his tailor. But he's a genius musically (& I don't bestow such praise lightly) & he can be quite profound lyrically. His politics are all screwed up from what I've gathered & I wouldn't let him date my sister (she'd wreck his career - j/k) but I wish I could write like him. When he tries to be catchy or witty or just "non-WTF?" he can capture the essence of an emotion or feeling, verbalize it, vocalize it & do it all to a tune you'll be humming the rest of the day. When I hear his stuff sometimes I wish I was still a musician. A for instance:

"Why is age more than a number when it comes 2 love?
Should we ask the ones who speculate when they don't know what it's made of?
Should we ask the moonlight on your face or the raindrops in your hair?
Or should we ask the man who wrote it there in the morning papers?"

Poetic imagery like that can make a song. & no; I ain't quite sure what His Purpleness is talking about, but I can dig it. :) Getting on to the actual subject though (which I did find in the morning paper):

My father told me when my mother was dying that as bad as things went between them (they divorced when I was very little & even that didn't improve how they got along) he wouldn't wish cancer on anyone. He watched his mother die of it ten years before & his brother die of it a few years later. I understood where he was coming from but I just don't share his sentiment. I'd never wish it on an ex or anyone who had simply caused me grief or distress but I make an exception for mass murdering tyrants:

Castro fails to appear at birthday bash

"Fidel Castro was too sick to meet thousands of admirers who traveled to Cuba for the kickoff of his delayed 80th birthday celebrations, according to a note purportedly from the ailing leader that raised new questions about his health...

The Cuban leader turned 80 on Aug. 13 but delayed his birthday celebrations as he recovered from surgery two weeks earlier for intestinal bleeding. Castro, who has not been seen in public for four months, wanted the delayed birthday celebration held on Dec. 2, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the date that he and fellow rebels landed by boat in Cuba to launch their revolution...

Cuban officials insist Castro is recovering, but U.S. officials say they believe he suffers from some kind of inoperable cancer and won't live through 2007. His ailment is a state secret." (emphaiss mine)

Considering what Castro & his thugs did during the Cuban Revolution & especially afterwards if it turns out that he's suffering from that most painful of slow deaths then I wouldn't feel the least bit of pity for him. I had a real dear friend growing up who was half cuban & she told me of some of her relatives' tales of Castro's "hospitality". I don't recall enough details of any particular account to make it readable but I do recall using some very strong language in expressing my desire to vacation there & have a redneck-to-thug chat with Fidel about his manners (I was around 13 or so). I've never heard anything since to make me change my intial opinion of the "man" (& I use the term very loosely).

It's been attributed to Sam Clemens as well as Clarence Darrow so there's some doubt as to who said it first, but I'll end this post with a favorite quote of mine:

I've never killed a man, but I've read many an obituary with a great deal of satisfaction

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