June 29, 2006

A.R.T. For The U.N.

I don't think the U.N.'s intentions are honorable (I also believe that the sun rises in the east) but I don't think they're the most direct threat we face right now. That being said any excuse is a good excuse for range trips & pics thereof. Here are a few from the past year or so.

It would have been fun to shoot with all these fine folks on the same day but for various & sundry reasons I went out on A.R.T. Day by myself. Scattered through the pics you'll see co-blogger Iceberg, Kim du Toit, Blackfork, Dr. Wadcutter, Libercontrarian & a few others who shall remain linkless. Oddly enough I have no pics of Jed despite having burned powder with him numerous times. One pic below is a non-range pic. Sadly the day I took my ex to shoot her lever action (given to her by her grandfather) we left the camera at home, so I included the still just because. The terminally pretty young lass with the golden locks sent me those pics of her shooting with a friend of hers because the day Jed & I took her shooting we simply forgot all about her camera. Garands & Sunshine have that effect on me it seems. & the young lady pictured first didn"t do bad for her first time behind a firearm did she?

Open the extended entry for the pics.

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