May 28, 2006

Gun Safety From The Washington Post

Because when I think of the importance of gun safety, I think of a newspaper based in a city with essentially a complete ban on guns where at least 85% of the employees have probably never touched a gun. I don't think of an organization originally founded in 1871 to train people in the proper use of firearms.

So to fill a void in the "gun safety" message, the Washington Post is doing an online chat on the topic. Rather than finding someone who understands firearms as a tool with a record of perfect safety and a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the tool so they can explain exactly how different features work so people could use firearms more safely, they are bringing in a guy from another anti-gun area who has spent his career studying people who misuse firearms in an unsafe manner. If I have time, I'll join in the chat and see what I can "learn" as a firearms instructor and "teach" future students.

Remember if you want to have some fun, you can submit questions for the "gun safety" talk scheduled for Tuesday at 2pm. As long as things are a little calm at work, I'll try to tune in. Transcripts should be available shortly after the discussion and if there's something interesting, I'll discuss ithere.

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The NRA supported the 1934 Firearms Act.
The NRA supported the 1968 Gun Control Act.

They're the most successful gun control organization in history.

Posted by: anonymous at June 9, 2006 11:49 PM