April 19, 2006

Patriots Day 2006

Yesterday marked 2 years as a Munuvian. Yay! (I never did find out what the hell that means exactly...) That's out of a little over 3 years total blogging (the first year and 3 months were spent at blogspot).

Many thanks & a belated Happy Blogiversary to Pixy.

It's also Patriots' Day.

Here's my Patriots' Day post from 2003(albeit it's a few days late). Here's my Patriots' Day post from 2004 & here's my Patriots' Day post from 2005.

I thought I'd try to write something appropriate for the day to encourage reflection on the patriots, alive & dead, who sought to make this country a better place. But I lack time & motivation.

It's been 231 years since the first shots in the fighting war for American independence were fired aganst government troops who came to confiscate guns.

It was 74 years ago (On July the 29th) that the u.S. military attacked a group of u.S. veterans in D.C.

63 years since the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto decided to take as many of those bastards with them as they could.

Though it happened on August 2nd we should also recall that it was 60 years ago that the good people of Athens, Tennessee took up arms to defend themselves from a corrupt goverment.

13 years since a religious group with some odd beliefs were attacked & burned out over the alleged non payment of a $200 tax.

4 years & 7 months since a group of airline passengers decided to fight in their country's defense despite being disarmed unlawfully by their own government.

A year & 2 months ago a man died defending his community from a would-be mass murderer.

It's been a little over a year since our Commander in Chief slandered people acting lawfully in defense of their country.

It hasn't been quite one year since cops & soldiers went door to door confiscating weapons in New Orleans.

There have been things that have happened between & since those events I've listed above. A few show good examples of patriots. Some even show heroes at work. The rest show evil from the hands of that most popular form of collectivism; government.

Last year a friend posted two pictures that sum up the situation we face on this Patriots Day. That friend is David Codrea & his post is entitled April 19: “Enforce Existing Gun Laws” Commemoration Day.

Go look at the pics & understand their implications. Remember those who gave their lives for a chance at freedom in this country. & be just a little ashamed of ourselves that we do not seem to have the mettle of those men from Concord Green or the Ghetto of Warsaw or the town of Athens, Tennessee.

But the Patriots; remember them, their deeds, their triumphs & their losses. Just please don't tell them what we've let happened to all that they worked for.

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