April 17, 2006

Deja Moo

Deja Moo - the feeling you've heard this bullshit before. See also:
The Euston Manifesto (via David of Resurrection Song).

They lost me at "...It involves making common cause with genuine democrats, whether socialist or not."

More or less collectivist CYA from what it seems. I read the whole thing & if I had time I might fisk it, but I think it can be summed up in a few words:

"Friggin' socialist bullshit".

& if I sound (or read) harsh you damn skippy I am. Collectivism (particularly of the Marxist variety) depends entirely on the elimination of certain very basic individual freedoms. The Right to Arms & Self Defense are two of them. Property is another. Once we start down that road (like we did a long time back) it's really tricky to correct our path.

I don't care if they're smiling, waving flags (American flags even) & singing old show tunes to show their good intentions, anyone who advocates or accepts Marxist style collectivism is the greatest threat I can name. Perhaps not to the u.S. government since it seems to be pretty okay with the welfare state direction we've been on, but to me.

I value my life. I value my liberty. I value my property. I will defend all of those any way I can. But the Marxist-type collectivist would bring the power of the state in to take away all 3 from me (even moreso than it already is)

It's worth considering in the same way that "we're from the goverment - we're here to help you" is worth considering. Namely after the nanosecond it takes to recognize it's BS you should try to figure out what they're going to take from you or how they're trying to harm you.

If they wish to seem benevolent they'd divorce themselves completely from Marxist collectivism. If they are capable of that then we'd perhaps have a talking point. But those who feel that such is a valid social structure simply possess a worlview so foreign to me & my kind that communications would be futile.

It's a culture gap that I don't think can be bridged no matter how nice it's dressed up. Besides, did I ever mention that I really hate Marxism?

Posted by Publicola at April 17, 2006 06:25 AM | TrackBack

My exact problem with it. When they pop up with "we don't care if you're a socialist, you're one of us" they prove that they're not my friends. And that's at the best.

Posted by: Mark at April 23, 2006 07:37 PM
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