April 09, 2006

It's Nice to Know That We Don't Stand Alone

Publicola has a webpage that lists gun enthusiasts that have volunteered to teach the fundamentals to new shooters. Here in Ohio we have Chublogga down south, me in the middle of the state, and The Steaming Dragon is up north. We have Ohio pretty well covered between the three of us.

Chu has gone one better. Like most people interested in concealed carry, he wants to know which states will honor CCW licenses issued by other state governments. The idea is to have the fewest number of ID cards and still be able to stay legally armed in the largest area.

Sure, you can find all that info over at Packing.org. But Chu got tired of all the pointing and clicking you have to go through to navigate their site so he made his own desktop utility.

I blog mainly to provide info to my students, which means that I can't endorse anything unless I check it out pretty thoroughly first. The problem is that I'm determined to take the next two days off, and then I'll be busy for the rest of the week.

Then a thought came to me. Why don't I ask all of you for a hand? After all, most of you are just as experienced as I am, and just as qualified. I'm also sure that the vast majority of you are better at this computer stuff than I am, which means you would actually be able to suggest changes to Chu if there is something wrong with the coding.

Comments are closed on this post because I want to encourage you to click on over to Chu's and check out his work. Anyone who leaves a comment will get a link to their blog in a "Thank You" post both here and at Hell in a Handbasket. That might not be a big incentive, but it should look nice the next time you look up your blog at Technorati.

The Daily Kos is the most popular blogger in the world, and he claims that it is because Liberals want to get involved and make a difference. If Chu's new utility pans out my students will start to use it, and most of them are victims of violent crime. It might not be the kind of change that Kos imagined, but I think it is worth doing.

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