February 17, 2006

My Bank Just Said No

I walked in one day, noticed my friendly neighborhood teller & told her I'd like to talk to someone about a loan. She asked what the loan was for & I told her mainly firearms (rifles, pistols, submachine guns, a belt fed light or medium machine gun) but perhaps a vehicle or two & the accoutrements necessary for small scale firefights(pedestal mounts for the belt feds, spare mags, etc...). She looked at me like I was crazy & just said no.

I still don't understand it. Maybe if my last name were Guerrero...

"Wracked by violent drug crime and too poor to arm its police properly, the Mexican state of Guerrero is seeking a $24 million bank loan to buy more guns and security equipment."

Hmm I wonder how many Garands, 1918 BAR's, Sterlings, EAA witnesses & 1919A4's you could get with 24 million? Assuming 10,000 (just a random number to work with) people to be armed that works out to about $2,400 a piece. In a free market you'd probably be able to get hold of the Garand, Witness & Sterling for under $1,500. Assuming a 1919A4 (again in a free market) would fetch about $5,000 you'd have a 1919A4 between every 6 people.

Maybe I should have itemized when I was explaining to my friendly neighborhood teller what the loan was for...

"We want to seek a credit line to acquire transportation and arms,' a state government spokesman said."

Don't we all?

But since it's a government asking odds are they'll get the money. & they do need to be adequately armed & trained to meet an increasing level of violence & crime. But a cheaper solution would be to call out the militia & ...oh wait - this is in Mexico, where the peasants are for the most part disarmed.

Ya know I might even offer to go down & lend a hand since in some places confrontational crime is getting way out of control, but Mexico has a habit of arresting americans who carry ammo so they're on their own.

I feel pity for the Mexican people. Their government however can go to hell.

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