February 07, 2006

Speaking Of The Market

Cause we were ya know (phrase shamlessly stolen from Zombie David)

It seems that all those items stolen by the TSA in order for them to let you fly on a plane you paid money to be on is a profit maker for them. Course this should be old news. This sort of thing has been around for years, we just called it "fencing" (that'd be definition Number 3 - I ain't talking about swordplay here).

Government: still the biggest racket on the planet. Discuss amongst yourselves. I'm gonna go try to remember why anarchy is a bad idea.

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As Larry Niven pointed out years ago, anarchy is a bad idea simply because it's not a stable political system. The strongest ruler simply takes over.

Just THINK how bad it would be if crime syndicates took over. Why, you'd have to pay them regular protection money just to keep your property (hmm, property taxes?). You have to put a special sticker on your vehicle to show that you'd paid your protection money on that for the year (hmm, licenses and fees?). Etc.

Posted by: Blackwing1 at February 10, 2006 11:10 AM
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