January 16, 2006

I've Got An Alibi

I was in Wichita, Kansas but I was not involved in the shooting involving an ATFU agent. That should be obvious since the ATFU agents involved are both alive but I just wanted to clarify that.

There are some questions I have about the incident. For starters what the hell were the ATFU agents doing? The article doesn't provide much information, except that the ATFU jerks were "tailing" a car, has requested a uniformed officer to make a "traffic stop" & ended up confronting them on their own. when the people fled they hit one ATFU agent with their car & were subsequently shot at by the other ATFU agent, wounding two people.

By the newspaper acocunt it seems plausible that hitting the ATFU agent with the car was not intentional (again proving I wasn't involved). It also seems like - well let me put it this way - if two jerks who had been following me suddenly yelled that they were cops I'd tend to not believe them. In some cases I could see fleeing as a valid response.

Of course the people in the car could have been serial rapists & murderers, but this is the ATFU we're talking about. They're not exactly known for their bravery or their desire to put dangerous folks away. they tend to focus their attention on gun owners who have committed some paperwork infraction rather than folks who are actually menaces to society.

Yep; I'm biased. & it could very well be that the ATFU jerks were justified & on the up & up in all their actions & actually did a public service. But until more is known about the particulars I still have some questions about their actions, such as why they didn't wait for the uniformed officer that they called in, & what grounds did they have to make a stop int he first damned place.

If anyway hears or knows more about this please holler.

& many thanks to my guest bloggers. (Just cause I'm back doesn't mean they have to stop posting though :) )

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Yeah, but your alibi is probably just another crazy gun owner, (whoever it is will be torn apart on cross-exam. 'So, you admit to being friends with a known criminal?')

As for the ATFU agents, they sound like they need to go back to school on how not to tailgate while tailing.

And what part of the Constitution gave the feds the power in "targeting criminals who use firearms during the commission of crimes..." and "...targeting gang members under the age of 26, drug dealers who use guns, convicted felons who are caught with guns and offenders who commit multiple robberies."

We can thank the NRA for requesting the feds get involved, however unconstitutional it may be. http://www.cato.org/dailys/05-31-02.html

Posted by: FishOrMan at January 16, 2006 04:43 PM
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