October 14, 2005


You've probably already heard about it. In Nalchik, Russia a group of about 100 "separatist fighters" (i.e. Chechan Islamic extremists/terrorists) attacked police stations, an airport & government buildings. 13 civilians & 12 civilians with badges were killed. 61 Chechen rebels were killed & 17 captured. There was a stand off with hostages but that's been taken care of.

Putin wasted no time in sending in the military. He didn't mince words either. He ordered the military to go in, establish a perimeter & kill any terrorists who put up resistance.

Now we are talking about Russia & the laws there are very different than here but let's put ourselves in their place for a moment.

Police stations, airports, government buildings & schools (remember Beslan?) have been the targets for armed terrorists to do their thing. In this country there also places where carrying arms is verboten to the civilians without badges. Even CCW permits do not let you pack in schools or airports or government buildings.

My point? We are just as vulnerable if not more so. For those of you who would say that we don't have an insurrectionist group within the u.S. capable of launching a 100+ person attack on a town you'd probably be right. The probability of you being right would decrease as you moved closer to southern New Mexico, Arizona, California or Texas. It's not that damn likely but it's not beyond all odds that a force from Mexico - be it drug gangs or imported Islamo-fascists - could make a similar raid on one of our smaller border towns. & even in Texas where guns are supposed to be socially acceptable you cannot carry into any of the places that have been attacked in Russia. That's even if you've paid a bribe & begged government permission for a license to exercise your privilege of carrying concealed.

& we're talking handguns here. Having a shotgun or rifle slung across your back or within easy reach (the trunk of your car is not easy reach) would probably get you jail time in Texas or Cali & in all 4 of our border states it definitely would get you jail time if you were within one of those "gun free" buildings.

I'll be very surprised if we learn the lessons we should from Russia. Hell; I'm still waiting for us to learn the lessons we should have from our own War for Independence.

Having the Right to own & possess & carry arms recognized by law & government is very important. But I'm afraid it'll all be for nothing if as a society we do not recognize the need to exercise those Rights. In most urban areas anyone carrying a gun is suspect. In some places the cops get called to arrest him by the citizenry. For us to stand any chance - not just as gun owners, but as a free people & a free nation - we must do all that we can to make carrying arms openly or concealed societallly acceptable. This is not just the bitching of a gun nut who likes to show off his latest acquisitions; it's what is absolutely essential for our survival.

Talk about Russia. Most of us already bring up the Communist purges of disarmed peoples. We need to start talking about this to anyone who'll listen - that if we continue to deny the means of defense in places where we need it the most (such as schools where the adults must protect the children) & frown upon people who carry openly then we'll soon understand the lessons of Russia from a first hand perspective. If they scoff at the notion that it could happen here then be sure to bring up our very insecure southern border.

& if a gun owner starts saying that people shouldn't carry openly cause that will scare the non gun owners ask him which side he's on. I am seriously irritated with the allegedly pro-gun groups that frown upon open carry & instead try to push CCW permits. & I'm seriously irritated with folks who say a CCW permit allows you to exercise your Right to carry. That's bullshit on both counts. If carrying is a Right then why discourage someone from doing it? That's like saying "you have the Right to choose your own religion but just don't. Okay?" & if you have to pay money, pass some tests & wait on permission it is not a Right damn it. Sure it's better to pack than to not pack but let's not get pretentious. A CCW is nothing more than a note from "Massey" saying you're a good slave & deserve a treat. In Vermont & Alaska carrying concealed is a Right. Everywhere else in the u.S. it's either a privilege or illegal.

But I digress.

Think about what happened in Russia - both in Nalchik & in Beslan. Think about what you would do if it happened in your town. & try to make others think of what they'd do if it happened in theirs.

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Now or never...

I will see your open-carry and raise you another open-carry.

Posted by: FishOrMan at October 14, 2005 07:24 PM

I've read all the open vs concealed carry arguments. I still agree with you. We should encourage open carry, always and everywhere. People should be surprised to see a person who is NOT carrying.

Posted by: Bill St. Clair at October 15, 2005 05:41 AM

We HAVE open carry in Colorado.

Just not in Denver. ;-)

Posted by: Libercontrarian at October 20, 2005 05:47 PM
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