September 30, 2005

Hunting Vs. Shooting

Michael Bane has been doing point-man work on this. The shooting industry seems to be placing a lot more (actually almost all) emphasis on hunting rather than shooting. For reasons why this is a bad idea I refer you to some of Bane's posts on the subject:

Hunting and Revenues

Why a Hunting-Centric Focus Hurts Us All

A Question About Hunting

After reading all those you might be ready to take his Pop Quiz.

In doing some checking I ran across this old post of mine called Trust Who? which discusses a Field & Stream article that wonders if pro-hunting groups should work together with the anti-gun Sierra Club. Another oldie but goodie that is worth bringing up again is The Nationals & Defense.

If you're a member of a hunting club you might want to bring some of this up at the next meeting. I'm not & I'm pretty sure Bane isn't suggesting that we abandon hunting promotion, but it benefits hunting as well as shooting if we get more people into shooting.

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