September 27, 2005

Carnivals & Links, Not Car Novels & Lynx

Carnival of Cordite #31

Carnival of Liberty XII

Carnival of Liberty XIII

Weekly Check on the Bias September 20th Edition

Weekly Media Report September 27th Edition (Note snazzy new title)

Geek With A .45 posts about the mindset of gun control accepting gun owners in Dredging Up Some Compassion...

The Smallest Minority tells us about Newspeak

Gunner of No Quarters tells us about a proud citizen of fantasy land

The Gun Guy. Nuff said?

Prof. Volokh has two interesting posts about firearms. The first is one where he dissects a suggestion about civilian disarmament through employer policies. The second is linked to in the first post & it's more of a web page than a post. It's about those who have called for a complete ban of handguns or all guns.

David Codrea wonders if Compass will be allowed to keep his guns.

John Ross has a few items worht glancing at. One is "Thoughts on Tragedy, or
JR Doles Out 'Tough Love' in the Wake of Katrina"
. That's of course followed by "Thoughts on Large-Scale Tragedy II, or Is Nature More Devastating Than Terrorism, and If So, Why Don't We Act Like It?" . & an oldie but goodie (& one of my favs) "Mistakes We Make in the Gun Culture, or How to Be a More Effective Advocate for Freedom".

There, that should keep ya busy for a spell. But if you still yearn for gun related goodness on your browser go visit the Jeff Cooper Commentaries. That is all.

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