May 20, 2005

DC Delegate: Gun Owners Aim to See Children Get Killed

Matt Rustler e-mailed with another outrageous quote from an anti-gun bigot. This time, it's D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. From Matt's blog post, quoting the from the Washington Times:

"They're trying to see to it that more children get killed," said D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat.
Matt comments:
To those who can't understand why people like me distrust proponents of so-called "reasonable gun control," I submit this statement as Exhibit A. In effect, Ms. Norton just called us all baby-killers. It's not merely a matter of taking offense to harsh words: Statements like this reveal such visceral hatred, and such a fundamental difference in worldviews, that trust is next to impossible. And such statements are not as uncommon as one might think.
Indeed, it's a near-constant refrain. For gun control laws, as well a others, it's almost always "for the children". Yet there's no evidence that strict gun control, on the whole, results in a net drop in violent crime.

The anti-gun bigots want everyone to hate us freedom-loving gun owners. They can't discredit our logical arguments, nor completely gut the 2nd Amendment (although they have made some inroads there). So they resort to ad-hominem attacks, in the hopes that nobody will listen to us, because we're, you know, violent savages, I guess.

But we're not going to just pack up our toys and go home. We law-abiding gun owners are intelligent, rational, and same human beings who value life even more than the gun-control crowd — you see, we want everyone to be able to defend his or her own life, should the need arise. But the anti-gun bigots value life far less than we do, because they want to deprive people of the capacity for self defense.

Posted by Jed at May 20, 2005 01:18 PM
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