July 31, 2004

Not Again

I've previously posted about Ohio newspapers publishing the information of individual CCW holders. I'm afraid this is going to be a continuation of that.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has joined the anti-privacy of CCW holders party - only they are deviating slighty from what the other papers have done. While they didn't go so far as to publish home addresses they have published the information of CCW holders in multiple counties & they've made it available on the internet.

We've been through this before with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

So without further adu, here's some contact info for you:

Douglas Clifton - Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer
19 Shoreby Dr
Cleveland, OH 44108-1161

Tel.: (216) 761-6577

Kim du Toit has some thoughts on this. In his comment section you'll find a bit more information about possible contact info for Cleveland Plain Dealer employees. Also this thread at The High Road might be of interest to you.

David Codrea has offered advice for those wanting an effective remedy to this problem:

"I repeat what I have been calling for since hints the Plain Dealer would do this first started to surface-- if you want to put an end to this nonsense, start posting info on their ADVERTISERS.
One other point about the new Ohio 'law' I haven't seen anyone bring up: Do the dumbasses in the legislature realize that the vague description of 'journalist' means that a representative from Al-Jazeera can access records denied to American citizens? (Not that I think the records should be available to anyone--but then again, I don't believe in records or licensing of rights, period.)"

Gunner of No Quarters has taken that advice. He's published contact info for several of the Cleveland Plain Dealer's advertisers.

That should give you enough to read fora bit, & if you feel so inclinded please contact any of the mentioned parties & express your disapproval of the Cleveland Plain Dealer's actions. Be polite, be legal about it, but let them know why they've earned your scorn.

Posted by Publicola at July 31, 2004 03:12 PM
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