July 10, 2004

Naming Names in Ohio Part II

Previously I posted some info about reporters & their respective newspapers after they published the names, dates of birth & county of residence of Ohio CCW holders.

This will be a continuation of that theme, but this time it concerns a paper that published CCW holders' home addresses as well as the sheriff who gave them out. Quid Pro Quo anyone?

Sheriff Kevin P O'Leary
Home address:
1367 Gearhart Road
Sidney OH 45365
Direct office phone#: 937-498-7833

Jeffrey Billiel
Publisher & Executive Editor (Sidney Daily News)
Home address:
17047 Dingman Slagle Rd
SIDNEY, OH 45365

From this thread at The Firing Line we have an interesting account form poster Mindonmatter about his conversation with Sheriff O'Leary:

"Okay guys,
I just called Sheriff O'Leary at the office # that was published in this thread. I didn't have to go through a secretary and he answered the phone himself. We had quite a heated discussion. All I can say is, "what an a-hole". This man is so obviously against gun owners that it's sickening. That was clear.

I asked him why he felt the need to publish the addresses of CCW holders. His answer was that the wordage, "county of residence" wasn't clear enough to determine whether only the county could be listed, or the addresses as well. He said that HE made the decision to interpret the wording how he saw fit, and decided to release addresses instead of just counties. He told me to look up the word "residence" in the dictionary. I told him I knew exactly what the word meant, but the word itself wasn't in question. He said he wasn't going to sit around and argue the technicalities all afternoon.

I then told him that many people are upset about this, and he may have to argue about this with a lawyer all day, instead of me. He said that doesn't scare him one bit and he's had that threat many times. I told him, "No offense Sheriff, but you've had to argue all day with lawyers on a few occasions, haven't you?". He hesitated and said, "I won't deny that one bit".

He told me over and over that he could care less how I feel about this, because I didn't vote for him and I wasn't one of the people that had their information published. What a stand up guy

I asked him why he, a LEO, wasn't on the side of law abiding gun owning citizens, and instead on the side of anti gun journalist. He said he wasn't on anyone’s side but his own, and that he wasn't picking sides. Huh? Who elected this a-hole? He's not on the side of law abiding citizens? Okay.

I also asked him if he would mind if his personal information being published for the world to see, along with his home address. He sort of stumbled, but said he wouldn't mind at all. So I informed him that it already had been published, and told him his home address so he knew I wasn't BS'ing him. He stumbled again, and said that was fine. I thanked him for his time and that was the end of it."

BTW, you can also find threads about this subject at awbansunset.com Forums as well as Glock Talk. Apperently several people have had less than intellectually stimulating chats with the Sheriff.

Many thanks to the person who did the legwork for me & sent me the information as well as links to the threads in the forums where it's being discussed.

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Good post.


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Thanks for the info.

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