July 06, 2004

I'd Rather Watch A Sausage Maker At Work

Sen. Hatch (R-Utah) is on C-Span2 as I type this. He's currently making the case that any amendments unrelated to the class action bill they're discussing (S. 2602) be opposed.

In simple terms Hatch doesn't want Difi to try to attach her AWB renewal to the class action bill. Either he thinks that it'll cause the larger bill to be killed or he fears it'll be passed as part of the larger legislative package. He didn't mention the AWB renewal by name but it's fair to assume that was at least one of, if not the main bill, he was concerned about.

Now the question is whether ot not she'll try. The next question will be whether or not it can be stopped before a floor vote. & the last question (for the senate at least) is whether they want to pass the AWB renewal badly enough to pass the larger package, or do they hope the AWB will stop the larger package in its tracks.

I'll keep my eye on them & let you know of anything that develops.

Posted by Publicola at July 6, 2004 04:42 PM

'Police in Fairhope are searching for an ex-convict after officers seized drugs and money from a mobile home on the city's eastside. Police Chief Chris Browning said an estimated $18,000 worth of powered and crack cocaine along with $29,000 in cash was confiscated in Tuesday's drug bust.

Officers and agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration say an arrest warrant for federal drug trafficking was issued for 28-year-old Felton Denham. Browning said Denham had been under surveillance since he was released from prison about one year ago.'

I would also have to agree with you on drug busts being immoral. People can flip Felton's story around and attack it at any angle they want to, but why the hell were the police watching a NONVIOLENT man who was an EOS? What threat did he impose on the commuinity were a rich white man grows fields of pot on his property that the police now about? Why, the law couldn't car because he is from a popular southern family. Bullshit.

Posted by: Chelsea at October 27, 2004 04:29 PM
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