June 03, 2004

Another AWB Renewal Attempt

This alert from GOA should have us all a bit worried. It says that Difi has plans to tack on an AWB renewal to another bill in the next few weeks.

Go to the link above for the details. Then contact your Senators & tell them that their vote for an AWB renewal means your vote goes to their challenger, then tell them that an AWB getting passed into law means their party - their entire party - loses your vote.

GOA thinks a filibuster has a chance since 47 Senators voted against adding an AWB renewal to the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act this past March. I'm skeptical of being able to get enough support for a filibuster n the Senate but I'll concede that it's not only possible but it's our best shot at stopping it. The House, despite reassurances from the Republicans & the NRA, isn't as solid in its opposition to the AWB as we need so if it passes through the Senate attached to some bill that the House wants to pass in the first place then I doubt the AWB will slow them down.

Start here & scroll your way down for my account of the events last March surrounding the Lawful Commerce in Arms bill that had an AWB renewal attached to it. You'll find lost of links that provide more info, including lists of Senators & how they voted on the AWB attachment.

Read it so you'll get an idea of what we could be in for again. & be prepared to write a lot of e-mails & make a bunch of phone calls to your congress critters.

Now personally I expected Difi to wait until around September 5th - that way McCain-Feingold's law against certain forms of free speech would have hindered some gun groups contacting its members about a potential vote on a gun control bill. But I do not doubt that the AWB will get tacked on to anything that they think will get it passed at anytime they could.

Stay alert & I'll pass on anything I can. Ditto for Say Uncle & Geek With A .45 among others.

Posted by Publicola at June 3, 2004 04:09 AM
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