May 10, 2004

Check Please

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias (now powered by Moveable Type 2.661) is up.

It concentrates on the Million Mom March this past weekend. & million is used loosely. Very loosely. Extremely Loosely. Downright inaccurately in fact.

While Jeff's check is one the bias at Yahoo in their coverage of all things gun, what should be pointed out is that the Rev. Jesse Jackson wants to help Klansmen.

Ya see, the good Reverand showed up & spoke in support of renewing the "assault weapons" ban (which was the main focus of this Thousand Moms event). I doubt he has ever been to this site but if he has it's obvious that he just didn't get it. The good Reverand certainly didn't understand Clayton Cramer's The Racist Roots of Gun Control if he's seen it. He's also missed Steve Eckwell's The Racist Origin of U.S. Gun Control: Laws Designed To Disarm Slaves, Freedmen & African-Americans or simply didn't understand it. He also either missed or misunderstood Richard W. Steven's Racist Politicians Want Your Guns, this CNS article from January of 2003 entitled Blacks Allegedly Victimized By "Racist Gun" Control Laws, John Bender's Black History And The Second Amendment & Robert Franklin Williams' book Negroes With Guns (Also available at & Barnes & Noble if you wish to send the good Reverand a copy).

Reverand Jackson has obviously forgotten that the Klan wasn't stopped by the law: the Klan was stopped by the lead! It wasn't consice litigation that prveented lynchings, but precise fire. & it wasn't a cop who you could turn to when the Klan came raiding, but a Colt! It's true that the court work done by the NAACP did a lot of good in general, but it did not, nor could it prevent one act of violence perpetrated against a Black man or woman nearly as effectively as the potential vicitm of racial violence being armed.

So I will give the good Reverand the benefit of the doubt & assume he speaks out of ignorance & not because he sees his own profit as taking precedence over the needs of the Black community specifically & America generally.

But the truth is if those horrible "assault weapons" hadn't been available to black people then the Klan would have been more successful at their goals. It's just so difficult to lynch someone or burn a cross in someone else's yard when you have an ass full of buckshot & a shoulder with several .308 diameter holes in it.

By advocating gun control, the Reverand Jackson seeks to make the unlawful & immoral actions of the Klan easier. The question I'll leave you with is does he realize this?

Posted by Publicola at May 10, 2004 08:36 PM

Yeah, just the other day I was in a subway car with a MILLION other people, then I got off and there was at least a MILLION people in the elevator with me. Whew was that crowded :)

Posted by: dave at May 11, 2004 08:42 AM
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