April 18, 2004

To help our Bleaker Parts

Emily Dickinson

To help our Bleaker Parts
Salubrious Hours are given
Which if they do not fir for Earth
Drill silently for Heaven—

[Running low on Ogden Nash, I turn to plagiarist.com's Random Poem function, and it keeps coming up with Emily Dickinson. Don't blame me!]

Edit: Pixy posted the previous poem to precede Publicola's predicted pilgrimage. If Pixy's published quote seemed queer & caused a quandary you should query Pixy quietly as quagmires can be caused by quo vadis quizes. Publicola would like to quell your qualms but Pixy's post has a quirky je ne sais quoi. Perhaps Publicola should present his posts in poetic presentations or perchance predicate his posts on quick & poignant plagiarisms; produce a quaint yet quintessential queue of quotations? Publicola: queuer of quotes! I predict the popularity of this perception would prove questionable and consequently quantify the preciseness of "credo quia absurdum est". Publicola's quiddity has been planted in tritium as opposed to quadrivium so a pounce from politics & philosophy to poetry & prose wouldn't present a practical problem.

But Publicola's pretext has precluded pervasive quantification of poets & quibblers so perhaps Publicola's partisans would quiver at a possible variegation of product.

"Qui va là? Publicola? Publicola the quisling perhaps!" would be pronounced by passers-by of my premises who'd feel pierced by the presence of poetry in place of quibling & quarrelling with the politicians & pretenders. Placation in pursuit of pardon of perhaps quavering & quailing at the perception of the quod would prevail when questions of Publicola's new production would pile.

Quiet yourself: the sine qua non of Publicola won't perish. But I prescribe patience while Publicola places his P's & Q's in their proper position.

Ce n'est que le pre·mier pas qui coûte

Posted by Publicola at April 18, 2004 01:06 PM

Yay!!1! Welcome to our world!

Posted by: Madfish Willie at April 18, 2004 08:44 PM

YAY! Publicola is off Glogspot! Now we're munuvian neighbors hun! Yay!

Posted by: annika at April 19, 2004 03:08 AM

Welcome and Yay!

Posted by: Ted at April 19, 2004 04:53 PM

Yay! back at y'all (whatever that means) :)

Posted by: Publicola at April 20, 2004 01:15 PM

"In far-off Tibet, there live a lama/Ain't got no papa, ain't got no mama."

Your Nash tidbit for the day.

Posted by: Mr. Bruce at April 23, 2004 06:20 PM
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